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Thanks to all my customers for expressing your opinion about your experience with us; it is highly appreciated

All my customers are surprised about the beauty and quality of the item in their hands; what happen is, it is very difficult to capture a real good picture from a sparkling emerald, gold, and diamonds piece because the light’s reflection blinds the camera lens.


Date: Jun 16/2017 at 8:53 PM. Tulsa OK.- flagUSA

Hi Mireya,
I've received my second ring from you and I'm as pleased if not more so than I was with the first one. The design, craftsmanship and materials are again top notch. Thank you for helping my wife surprise me with it. I'll wear it proudly and continue to recommend your company to all who ask me about it.


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Date: Mar 23/2017 at 3:00 AM. LK Havasu city AZ.- flagUSA

Dear Norberto,
My wife was thrilled with the rings. They are a replacement for the original engagement and wedding ring when we married 20 years ago. The original (and much less expensive) set was lost somewhere in our rear yard while building our house here. After viewing your website, I asked her if she would accept this pair as a replacement 10 years later as a 20th anniversary present. I was very pleased with both the color of the stones and the sturdiness of their attachments. The only wish I would have, would be that the set had come in size 7 as the ring is now at a local jeweler for sizing. She will have it for our anniversary in June. We were both impressed with the cost and value of the rings.
Clayton S.

Dear Mr. C. S,
We are glad to know that your wife is delighted with her 20th anniversary present. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. Your positive feedback is highly appreciated, shortly we’ll publish it in our web page. Sorry to know that the original size of the ring did not fit your wife’s finger size. All our emerald rings are one of a kind pieces; it means that there is only one item available for sale at web offer price. It’s not possible to acquire loose emeralds with same shape, carat size, color and clarity to manufacture several rings from the same design in assorted sizes. When we manufacture ladies ring, most of the time we make them with the standard USA sizes (6.0 or 6.5 ), in that way the ring can be adjusted one full size up or down by a professional local jeweler without any inconvenience, sometimes we do the job upon request. We offer free resizing service upon inspection. Once the buyers have confirmed they are satisfied with the purchased ring, they can send it back to us to get the free resizing process, although they are responsible for the USPS turn-around shipping fee. If the local jeweler has not customized the duo set yet and you want us to perform the job, just let us know and we gladly send you information. Kind regards,
Mireya & Norberto Salazar.

Mar 25/2017 at 2:21 AM
She couldn't wait. She already has taken the ring to a trusted local jeweler for sizing. Thank you for the offer however. I think she will be happy when he finishes. As I said, it's been 9 years since the original set was lost. I believe she felt it would never be replaced. I'm glad myself, that she was pleased with the set. Viewing the stones through my loupe, I am well satisfied with the value for the price. I will happily recommend you, should others comment on the set.
Clayton S.

emerald rings

Date: Jul 2/ 2016 at 12:44 PM. Westerville, OH.- flagUSA

Hi Mireya,
I just want to said " Thank you" for helping me out for the anniversary gift. The ring is awsome. Since it so pretty, I gave it to my wife " early"!! She loves it. Again thank you.

emerald rings

Jun 30/2016 at 7:39 AM- Ontario CA.-flagca

Hi Mireya,
I received the three items promptly yesterday. I am very pleased. I am so grateful for your assistance in selecting these pieces. They all complement my necklace beautifully.
Each piece has been crafted with excellence. Each one is sleek, sophisticated, and elegant. The emeralds are spectacular. Under the light they are brilliant and remind me of looking into a deep pool of clear, green/ blue water.
The computer screen cannot capture this illusion. One must truly be fortunate enough to own to see one of your emerald jewelry pieces to experience this visual delight. I love how the diamonds set in the ring, bracelet and earrings almost appear to light up and enhance the emeralds which are the centre stage of each piece.
Thank you again for helping me select these jewelry pieces, which I feel are pieces of art that I will treasure my whole lifetime.
Thank you sincerely,

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emerald rings
emerald rings

Date: Feb 25/2016 at 11:43 AM. Houston, TX.- flagUSA

The emerald earrings and pendant arrived on Tuesday and they look terrific. I gave them to my wife yesterday for our anniversary and she was very excited by how beautiful they looked.
Thank you,

emerald rings

Date: Jan 27/ 2016 at 1:31 PM. Mount hope, WV.- flagUSA

Hi Mireya,
I love the earrings because it complements the necklace both in color and shape. Seems like earrings and necklace were bought together in set. Thank you for making my day, I feel lucky to have the perfectly matched gemstone set which is very difficult to get in emeralds.
Thank you, Duwa

emerald rings

Date: Jan 7/ 2016 at 5:52 PM Woodland Hills CA.- flagUSA

Dear Mrs. Salazar: What a wonderful surprise when I opened up my FedEX box and found the most beautiful Emerald I have ever seen..This one surprasses the pearshaped that I lost...
Your husband did a magnificent job designing this ring with the little hearts around the basket.......thus /emerald is so beautiful that I am holding my hand out to look at it alll the time.
I would certainly recommend your company to anyone for not only Emeralds but all different kinds of gifts....I thank you for your courtesy talking with me and your kindness......
I have not seen anything that comes to this in the Los Angeles area. The prices are terrible here.....and we don't know if things are (the real thing or not)........ Bless you for being so helpful,
Marilyn M.
P.S. Earrings are my next purchase.....ha ha

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Date: Oct 5/2015 at 12:30 PM. Dublin GA.- flagUSA

Oh my gosh!!! What a wonderful surprise this was on my birthday July 2. It is absolutely beautiful. The emerald is gorgeous and diamonds sparkle. I love the design of the band with all of hearts around and inside. Very unique. When Charlie gave it to me, I put it on my right hand. He said, "it's your engagement ring." I took it off and he asked me to marry him and put it on my left ring finger. On July 6, we got married! Happiest day of our lives!!! I love your jewelry!!! Now, I would like earrings or pendant to match. .....Valerie

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Date: Sep 21/2015 at 10:04 PM. Ithaca, NY .- flagUSA

Mireya, The emerald ring exceeded my high expectations! It is difficult to know the exact green color of an emerald on the internet, but the actual stone was better than it's internet picture! Add to that, the side diamonds were cleaner and brighter than expected. Finally, the craftsmanship of the ring equal or exceeds what is available at most local jewelry stores-my personal compliments to Norberto. It's a pleasure doing business with both you and Norberto. Best wishes for your continuing success!

emerald cut emerald ring

Date: Sept 09/2015 at 11:28 AMOntario CA.flag-canada

I just received the necklace and I can,t tell you how much I love it. The green emerald is gorgeous. The diamonds sparkle like flashes of white light. Its design is supreme elegance, simple and classic. This is a forever piece I will wear and pass on to my daughter in the future. Thank you for all your kind and excellent service. Fedex was prompt and on time.

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Date: Jun 18/2015 at 11:15 PM. Rawland heights, CA-flagUSA

Hi, I've received the emeralds, and I like them very much, would you please help me to find a emerald for necklace, about 5ct, deep green?
Doris Zheng

pear shaped emeralds

Date: Jun 11, 2015 at 3:00 PM Dunfermline UK. flagUK

Hi Mireya.
We've now given the necklace to my mother and she is absolutely delighted with it. It looks amazing! Thank you so much for making the whole process so simple and straightforward from start to finish.
Kind regards

emerald necklace

Date: May 30/2015 at 5:00 PM. Frankfort KY-flagUSA

The ring is gorgeous, just like the picture. If you had not shown it on the hand, I would not have bought it. I've been so disappointed in the past with emerald rings that don't look like the picture. Seeing it on the hand makes all the difference.
At first I thought stones were too clean to be emeralds. I had to look through my jewelry loop to be convinced. I can't make out the markings on the inside of the band. I see a number but nothing indicating that it is18k. My loop must not be strong enough. Could you tell me what it says, please? Anyway, I do love the ring. Thanks, .............S. Rayma

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