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In this page there is another important information about treatment and enhancement in emeralds:
Emeralds from all sources generally contain internal tiny fissures, imperfections considered as a part of the flaws. A natural emerald with no treatment enhancements is among the rarest of gems; for this reason, virtually all emeralds in the world today have clarity enhancements before they are put in the market, due to the necessity to clean the emerald with acids and others chemical substances after the cutting process.

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Due to their growth conditions in nature and recovery methods most emeralds on the rough (98%) are broken. The miners find fractured parts of what was once a beautiful and elongated hexagonal crystal in the rough and was fractured or crushed for different reasons: pressure changes into the ground around thousands or maybe millions of years ago, explosives used in mining operation in the tunnels or open camps, heavy rough machinery excavators on the spot, etc.
The miners take all the production for sale to the emerald on the rough market dealers, the new dealer/owner wants to cut it and get back the invested money plus a profit, in the first step of the cutting process, they realize that some stones is almost broken in two or more parts, then they bring them to a specialized local laboratory for a pre-cut treatment (not legal but out of control) with a special hard resin and then the cut is finished; the fractures in the new gem are visible only under a X10 loupe. If the next buyer purchase and export the emerald without knowledge or expertise examination, then the broken emerald is now in the international market for sale.
If you send this emerald to a reputable laboratory for certification, they will certified that this is a natural beryl with moderate treatment (f2), but they say nothing that the emerald is about to be broken in two or more parts, because it is being held with a transparent resin. If this emerald is set in mounting and sold to the last buyer who is going to wear and enjoy it, probable in two month the new owner will notice a faint line on the gem, in five month the fracture will be more notorious and finally the emerald is split into two or more parts.

Hundreds of years ago, gemstone cutters discovered and pioneered the practice of bathing emerald gemstones in natural oils. This is referred to as the process of oil treatment for emeralds and was done to fill the fissures and enhance the appearance of the emerald gemstones. The oils seep into the natural cracks and fissures in the gemstone and ‘soften’ the appearance of these natural flaws. Today, a few hundred years later, man has developed many other types of synthetic permanent filler that are used in the process. Some of these have a longer life than those of the natural oils used in the days gone by and these treatments do not affect the value of emeralds on the contrary, the emerald never will change. BUT only if the treatment is done after finishing the cut to correct small internal fissures and not before finishing the cut to hide strong severe surface reaching fractures.

BUT BE CAREFUL: however, to remember that only if the emeralds have not been refilled do serious visible fractures or cracks appear and threaten the gemstone’s integrity. This is why the 10x magnifying loupe is so important to spot concealed hairline fractures. See photos below.


Only visible with a magnifying glass because it is very well concealed and polished that at first sight you cannot see any difference with the rest of the table; this filling will fall very soon since without any retention it does not have to be held in place.
Without a magnifying glass and without enough experience to detect this kind of fracture in an emerald, it is very likely that you pay a high price for it without realizing it, because at first glance this is an emerald of very good quality in all its aspects; except that it is fractured in two parts.
In this emerald you only see a small part of what is a deep fracture that goes inside the gem and that with the treatment you will only see an insignificant little line that comes to the surface, but that actually threatens the integrity of the gem.
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Important Questions Today:
Is a permanent treatment with synthetic fillings better than using natural oils? Yes FOR ME because a synthetic permanent substance eliminates the traditional re-oiling of emeralds without diminishing its quality and value. We use both treatments, depending on each individual gemstone and the preference of our customers. There is no difference at a simple glance, but only under microscopic examination. On the other hand, the cedar oil normally used in the treatment laboratories is also synthetic.

Most emeralds contain surface reaching features. For this reason, clarity enhancement is a common trade practice. The filling of such surface-reaching features to make them less visible has been practiced for centuries, but if it weren’t for these enhancements, we wouldn’t know our gemstones as we do today, but would wear them as amulets and rocks like the Incas or Colombian aborigines before Christopher Columbus’ time.
Emeralds are always treated with oils and other fillers to enhance their beauty like sapphires, rubies and even diamonds. This process ‘softens’ the visible defects. These treatments require special care. If anyone is offering you an expensive untreated emerald, request the GIA or AGL (gemological laboratories) treatment certification. This will ensure that you know the emerald’s origin, because oftentimes the seller doesn’t.