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Posted by Norberto Salazar on

Is an Emerald Ring Suitable as an Engagement Ring?

Yes!…It’s perfectly acceptable; the emerald engagement ring’s meaning is “loyalty, faithfulness and hope” and symbolizes rebirth, new beginnings and “Genuine Love.” Essentially, it is the meaning behind the ring itself that matters — not necessarily the price you paid for it. An engagement ring is a symbol of the couple’s love and devotion — nothing more. There are no rules dictating the type of ring you should wear or even that you have to wear one at all!

Only in recent times have engagement rings included diamonds. The diamond industry, in a very sophisticated advertising campaign since the 1920’s, led us to believe that any worthwhile engagement ring needed to include a diamond. While there is no “law” that stipulates that men must buy diamond engagement rings for their fiancées, it has become an established practice.

The trend today, however, shows that couples are venturing outside of the “norm” and seeking other stones to memorialize their love and commitment to each other. As an example, Prince William proposed to Kate with his mother’s blue sapphire engagement ring.

Emeralds in regular nice quality and purchased on the right place, are far more affordable in an absolute sense than diamonds. Contemporary brides are opting for emeralds as their first choice for engagement jewelry and viewing it as “not my mother’s engagement ring.” Later, you can get an affordable diamond wedding band ring which matches your emerald ring.

Emerald rings also make beautiful rings for recommitment ceremonies of long existing relationships as well as second marriages. These “brides” want something different than the typical, common diamond engagement/recommitment ring that they already have.

When a man makes the proposal with an emerald engagement ring, he is proposing with the meaning of something representative of his “Real Love” — symbolizing his love and commitment for a long life together. The beautiful green fire of a sparkling emerald engagement ring shimmering with romance is one of the most important decisions in your life. An unforgettable moment — the day that you realize the real reason of your existence is to “LOVE” someone.

Regardless of your reason for selecting an emerald engagement ring, be conscious of your financial situation. The money saved by foregoing a small, overpriced diamond can be used in acquiring a larger, higher quality emerald, or just save it for any of the many other wedding-related expenses. In the end, the ultimate ring is the one that makes her eyes sparkle.