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Colombian emeralds

Real Colombian Emerald Rings Engagement Ring

All the emerald rings that we offer here are made with genuine Colombian emeralds, manufactured in the USA by us and are ready to be shipped, except those that have the notice of sold and that will be replaced by a different item. Most of these items are purchased as engagement rings for its meaning and symbolism.

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GIA Certified Genuine Emerald Ring Engagement Rings
GIA Certified Emerald Ring

4.15 Carats sparkling vibrant bluish green Real Colombian emerald & baguettes cut and round natural diamonds, in 18k gold.

USD $12,160.00 - Ref. # LR101

GIA Certified F1

emerald ring for women
GIA Certified Emerald Engagement Ring

3.98 ct. vibrant deep bluish green Colombian emerald framed by round natural diamonds and accent trillion cut diamonds, made in 18k.

USD $14.000.00 - Ref. # LR103

GIA Certified F2

Natural Emerald Rings for women 18k
Women's Emerald Ring for Sale

2.02 ct. Beautiful natural Colombian emerald rings for women, accented by side natural diamonds on the vintage band in 18k gold.
USD $4,490.00 - Ref. # LR104

Pear Shaped Emerald Engagement Ring 14K
Emerald Engagement Ring Pear Cut

3.35 Carats vibrant bluish medium-deep green surrounded by a double row of white natural sparkling diamonds pave set, 14k white gold.
USD $8,845.00 - Ref. # LR105

Halo Cushion Cut Emerald Engagement Ring 14K
Colombian Emerald Ring for Women

3.92 ct. The cushion cut Colombian emerald has an impressive look with the halo of natural diamonds and on the split band
USD $9,860.00 - Ref. # LR106

GIA Certified Pear Shaped Emerald Engagement Ring
Emerald Engagement Ring GIA F2

4.02 ct. from Colombia Muzo mines, vibrant bluish deep green color, eye clean close to top quality, natural VS1 diamonds made in 18K.
USD $18,890.00 - Ref. # LR107
GIA Certified F2

Natural Emerald Promise Rings for Her
Emerald Promise Ring

3.00 ct. The vibrant bluish green fire in this emerald is amazing and its meaning and symbolism is perfect as a promise ring.
USD $14,150.00 - Ref. # LR108

May Birthstone Emerald Engagement ring 18K White Gold
Emerald May Birthstone Engagement Ring

2.86 Carats medium-deep green color, proudly born in the Muzo empire, as a gift for a bride born in May, 18k yellow gold.
USD $4,650.00 - Ref. # LR109

Watermelon tourmaline ring
Natural watermelon tourmaline ring

5.60 Carats vibrant bluish green and pink natural watermelon tourmaline sparkling and crystalline mined in Brazil.
USD $3,900.00 - Ref. # LR110

Emerald And Baguette cut Diamonds Engagement Ring
Emerald Ring with Baguette cut Diamonds

1.18 ct. beautifully flanked by natural tapered baguettes diamonds, the favorite design for most brides on the world, made in 18k gold.
USD $3,600.00 - Ref. # LR111

Emerald Engagement Ring With Tapered Baguette Accent Diamonds
Three Stone Emerald and Diamond Ring

2.21 ct. Thrilling high quality emerald three stone ring and brides simply adore it because it complements any outfit, 18k white gold.
USD $4,500.00 - Ref. # LR112

Cushin cut Emerald engagement ring and Trillion Cut Diamonds
Emerald Cushion cut engagement ring

2.18 ct. The cushion cut gem is accented by sparkling trillion cut natural diamonds on the sides to highlight its remarkable beauty.
USD $6,340.00 - Ref. # LR113

Natural Colombian emerald ring
Colombian Emerald Engagement Ring

5.19 carats medium deep green very brilliant, framed by white natural diamonds pave set, also on the split shank made in 14k white gold.
USD $7,500.00 - Ref. # LR114


engagement ring emerald and straight baguette diamonds
Emerald Ring with Baguette Diamonds

1.15 ct. one sparkling baguette cut natural diamond on each side of this vibrant bluish green Colombian emerald makes it amazing.
USD $3,100.00 - Ref. # LR115

emerald and princess cut diamonds engagement ring
Emerald and Princess cut Diamond Ring

1.67 carat flanked with a natural princess cut diamond on each side a classic and timeless design for any occasion, made in 18K gold.
USD $4,500.00 - Ref. # LR116

three stone emerald cut ring with diamond
Three Stone Emerald Ring for Women

1.59 ct. This women’s ring is a design that will never go out of style, its elegance, simplicity and style, always goes with any outfit.
USD $4,356.00 - Ref. # LR117

Round cut emerald engagement ring and trillion diamonds
Round cut Emerald Ring Trillion Diamonds

1.00 ct. The high quality of the gem flanked by a trillion cut natural diamond on each side makes it look fine and wonderful, 14K gold.
USD $3,200.00 - Ref. # LR118

Genuine emerald ring with princess cut diamonds
Genuine Emerald Engagement Ring

2.10 ct. with princess cut diamonds on each side of the ring band, it is simply a remarkable design made in 18K yellow gold.
USD $4,720.00 - Ref. # LR119

Emerald rectangular cut emerald engagement rings
Emerald Engagement or Promise Ring

2.47 carats a delightful vibrant medium green color, framed by natural diamonds pave set with a milgrain touch, it really stands out 18K.
USD $5,800.00 - Ref. # LR120

Cushion cut emerald rings
Colombian Cushion cut Emerald Ring

3.68 carats medium-deep bluish green color, framed by sparkling natural diamonds prong and pave set on the band ring, 18K white gold
USD $8,980.00 - Ref. # LR121

Colombian emerald rings
Colombian Emerald Ring

3.90 ct. Three rows of sparkling white natural diamonds supporting the top gem makes a one of kind design 14k.
USD 3,915.00 - Ref. # LR122

Natural emerald engagement ring
Natural Emerald Engagement Ring

1.08 ct. looks great surrounded by white natural diamonds prong set and the border in milgrain decor, same on the band- 14K gold.
USD $2,150.00 - Ref. # LR123

Colombian emerald engagement ring
Colombian Emerald Engagement Ring

1.88 ct. a line of natural diamonds on the split band and on top of shoulders beautiful natural princess cut sparkling diamonds, 18K gold.
USD $4,450.00 - Ref. # LR124

Three stone round cut emerald engagement ring
Three Stone Round cut Emerald Ring

2.44 ct. round cut flanked by colorless natural diamond of 4.00 mm. each side it is a timeless beautiful design made in 18K yellow gold.
USD $5,100.00 - Ref. # LR125

White gold emerald engagement rings
Emerald Engagement Ring for Sale

1.35 ct. a classic but always loved, dressed with pride on all occasions, because it is easy to match with any dress and jewelry, 14K.
USD $4,990.00 - Ref. # LR126

White gold emerald engagement rings
Halo Emerald cut Ring for Women 14K

4.53 carats medium deep sparkling bluish green color, framed by a halo of natural white diamonds that highlight its imposing beauty.
USD $5,940.00 - Ref. # LR127

Cushion Cut Emerald Rings
Cushion Cut Emerald Ring

3.69 carats medium bluish green very brilliant surrounded by high quality natural diamonds prong set, it looks fine and elegant, 18k gold.
USD $7,965.00 - Ref. # LR128

Cushion Cut Halo Diamond Ring
Emerald Ring Cushion cut Halo Diamonds

1.19 ct. deep green very brilliant fine quality gem framed by natural diamonds prong set and continuing on the band, 14k white gold.
USD $2,770.00 - Ref. # LR129

Round cut emerald engagement rings
Round cut Emerald Ring

1.97 ct. The most beloved gems of all times once more in this timeless design the sparkling contrast is perfect and full of meaning 18K.
USD $4,150.00 - Ref. # LR125-2

Three stone emerald engagement rings
Emerald Three Stone Engagement Ring

1.09 ct. This lovely design screams eternal love, it wants to be chosen to suit every bride wishes and be an important part of her life; 18k.
USD $2,900.00 - Ref. # LR115-3

Genuine emerald engagement rings
Genuine Emerald Engagement Ring

1.62 ct. Two princess cut natural diamonds, it looks majestic and in perfect harmony in this outstanding Lucida style design, 14k gold.
USD $2,750.00 - Ref. # LR116-2

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Our jewelry inventory is limited due to the fact these items are very unique

Emerald engagement ring MEANING

The meaning is “loyalty, faithfulness and hope” and symbolizes rebirth, new beginnings and “Genuine Love.” Essentially, it is the meaning behind the ring itself that matters -- not necessarily the price you paid for it. An engagement ring is a symbol of the couple's love and devotion -- nothing more.

When a man makes the proposal with an emerald engagement ring, he is proposing with the meaning of something representative of his “Real Love” -- symbolizing his love and commitment for a long life together. Emerald is the perfect symbol of love. The beautiful green fire of a sparkling engagement ring shimmering with romance is one of the most important decisions in your life. An unforgettable moment -- the day that you realize the real reason of your existence is to “LOVE” someone.
Exotic, rare, beautiful and unique, every natural gem contains birthmarks of the earth where it was born.

Is this gemstone Ring Suitable as an Engagement Ring?

The emeralds are the gems of the kings, powerful men courting important women, with different purposes, and romantic legends of the loves of Cleopatra and other famous people of our history, Russian czars, England queens and impressive crowns. with their unique green color has special meaning of loyalty, faith and hope in the new dawn, symbolizing reborn tomorrow in a new life, loyalty to his beloved one in the new beginning of a new life together.

Perhaps the emeralds are not forever, nothing is forever, and they are susceptible to break or scratch on their surface due to the mistreatment and accidental hits, therefore your emerald engagement ring requires your special care and you will see for a long time in your hands their beautiful vibrant green fire, the color that symbolizes life, faith and hope in this new beginning.

About Birthstone Engagement Rings

Sapphire engagement rings

Sapphires are a beautiful alternative as engagement rings and also have their history of famous rings in royalty and famous people of our history.
Ruby and Sapphires are very similar natural crystals called corundum that are normally treated with heat improving their color by diffusion, All gems are treated in some way to improve their appearance in the jewelry.

Colombian emerald engagement rings

Emeralds have always had a royal place in our history, therefore engagement rings do not have to be exclusively of a specific gem, all engagement rings have a special meaning to the couple free of impositions and commercial practices, making them feel It is a crime to have other ideas.
The shimmering green fire of the emerald that keeps alive the burning flame of love with a hopeful future of a better dawn.

Birthstone engagement rings

Engagement rings with the bride’s birthstone is a smart and affordable option if you can’t afford the high cost of large carat size diamonds.
If you are looking for a gorgeous engagement ring with an attractive yellow center stone, then an emerald-cut Citrine would be a great choice, Citrine is the birthstone for the month of November and the gemstone representing the 13th wedding anniversary.
The Citrine is a variety of quartz that ranges from pale yellow to brownish orange color, it is believed that Citrine helps to connect with the spirit and it is often given as a symbol of hope, youth, health and fidelity.