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Colombian emeralds

Colombian Emerald Solitaire Rings

Some emerald lovers want to see only the fascinating green color of their emerald in the ring or any other jewel they want to wear, either in prong set or bezel set, but the emerald alone and we are here to please them.

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Emerald solitaire ring yellow gold

2.14 carats sparkling medium green color, brilliant and translucent, bezel set with high side shoulder for more protection 14k.
USD $2,665.00 - Ref. # LR158

Emerald-cut emerald solitaire ring

2.05 carats medium green color brilliant and crystalline, bezel set, solid and strong ring hand-made in 14k yellow gold.
USD $2,530.00 - Ref. # LR159

Emerald Claddagh ring for women

1.05 carats medium-deep color, beautiful brilliant hearth shaped Colombian gem, prong set made in lustrous solid 14k yellow gold.
USD $1,506.00 - Ref. # LR160


Bezel set emerald ring 18k yellow gold

1.53 carats medium color nestled in a full bezel setting that brings out the natural octagonal outline of the gemstone.
USD $1,990.00 - Ref. # LR161

Pear shaped Emerald solitaire ring

2.45 carats bright medium green color, prong set in a lustrous split shank ring crafted in 14k yellow gold.
USD $1,695.00 - Ref. # LR162

Natural Emerald Solitaire rings

1.49 carats brilliant deep color and crystalline made in 14K yellow gold and has a Celtic-inspired carving decoration.
USD $1,599.00 - Ref. # LR163

Halo Fine quality diamonds

1.93 carats - 18K white gold
USD $3,500.00 - Ref. # LR164

Emerald cushion cut halo diamond ring

1.71 ct. Medium-deep green color Colombian emerald cushion cut surrounded by a halo white natural diamonds pave set.
USD $2,315.00 - Ref. # LR165

East west emerald solitaire ring

1.85 ct. medium deep green color and crystalline eye clean gem, bezel set made in 14k yellow gold.
USD $1,975.00 - Ref. # LR166

Emerald ring and matching wedding band

1.48 carats deep color and crystalline gem with princess cut natural diamonds on the sides made in 14K white gold.
USD $2,400.00 - Ref. # LR167

Emerald and princess cut diamond ring

1.62 carats translucent deep color, flanked by princess cut diamonds that continue on the band in 14K white gold.
USD $4,050.00 - Ref. # LR168

Vintage emerald and diamond ring

2.40 ct. medium deep color very brilliant surrounded by natural diamonds in vintage style decor in 14k White gold.
USD $4,640.00 - Ref. # LR169

Emerald solitaire ring

1.50 carats deep green and crystalline color, perfectly embedded in a prong set top head made in 18k white gold.
USD $2,020.00 - Ref. # LR170

Halo and double row diamond ring

1.38 carats deep and brilliant translucent color cushion cut, framed by natural diamonds made in 18K white gold.
USD $3,895.00 - Ref. # LR171

Pear shape emerald and diamond ring

2.62 carats medium-deep sparkling bluish green color, surrounded by a halo of natural diamonds prong set, made in 14K white gold.
USD $2,860.00 - Ref. # LR172


Colombian emerald solitaire ring

1.32 carats medium color and translucent gem prong set, hand crafted in solid 14k yellow gold.
USD $690.00 - Ref. # LR173

Emerald ring and matched band

1.62 carats medium color accented by princess cut natural diamonds, beautifully decorated matching band in 14k.
USD $3,580.00 - Ref. # LR174

White gold emerald ring and matching band

1.80 carats very brilliant medium deep green color accented by three natural diamonds and match band 14k.
USD $3.490.00 - Ref. # LR175

Bezel set emerald ring

2.10 carats medium green color, one of a kind design band has natural diamonds pave set each side, made in 14K yellow gold.
USD $3,100.00 - Ref. # LR176

Cushion cut emerald ring

2.18 carats medium deep green color surrounded by a halo of white natural diamonds prong set in 14k yellow gold.
USD $3,070.00 - Ref. # LR177

Three stone round cut emerald ring

1.38 carats deep green color, flanked by two round white natural diamonds, prong set Lucida style 14K white gold.
USD $1,690.00 - Ref. # LR178

Round cut three stone emerald ring

1.33 carats medium deep brilliant color accented by two round colorless natural diamonds 14K yellow gold.
USD $1,420.00 - Ref. # LR179

Mother's day Emerald Ring and diamond

1.01 ct. medium green brilliant, framed by two halo of natural diamonds and matching band in 14k white gold.
USD $2,950.00 - Ref. # LR180

Emerald Ring and wedding band

1.39 ct. medium green color, band and wedding matching band with natural colorless diamonds in 14k yellow gold.
USD $2,300.00 - Ref. # LR181

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For brides, solitaire emerald engagement rings options:

The options are limitless when it comes to settings, cuts, and style from emerald cut, ovals, pear shaped or cushion cut, the symbol of true love since ancient times. Colored stones jewelry always have had popularity not only for their vibrant green colors and unique flair, but its fair affordable prices and the most popular is emerald.Its vibrant color and deep green hue makes it instantly eye-catching, a simple and elegant solitaire to commemorate a May birthstone.To create a solitaire ring, there are not ready made gold mountings to fit the gemstone, since Colombian emeralds are NOT cut in standard measures.I have to make the box or top setting of the ring by hand or in a computerized wax printer to fit it’s not conventional measures.