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Mother's Day Jewelry Emerald Rings Earrings Necklaces and More Gift Ideas

Moms are honored on their day as the most important person in home especially if their birthday is in the month of May;
equally for the moms to be on any day of the year; what better than a jewel with an emerald that is full of meaning of love, hope and loyalty?

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Emerald ring and matching band

1.31 ct. medium deep color, double halo diamonds and matching band, all natural diamonds and 14k yellow gold.
USD $2,750.00 - Ref. # LR182

Mother's day jewelry emerald ring

1.38 ct. sparkling medium deep green color, halo pear shaped emerald ring for mothers day in 14K yellow gold.
USD $1,195.00 - Ref. # LR183

Mother's day gift emerald rings

0.83 ct. medium deep color in a three stone ring for mom in her day and May birthstone gift, 14k yellow gold.
USD $995.00 - Ref. # LR184

Three stone rings for mother's day

0.93 ct. medium deep color crystalline, flanked by two pear shaped natural diamonds for mom in 14k yellow gold.
USD $1,610.00 - Ref. # LR185

Mother's day ring

the perfect gift for her 0.76 ct. medium color and very brilliant gem complemented with white natural diamonds, made in solid 14k white gold.
USD $1,225.00 - Ref. # LR186

Emerald-cut emerald and diamonds ring

1.44 ct. deep color high quality Colombian mined gem prong set and natural halo diamonds, made in 14K white gold.
USD $2,509.00 - Ref. # LR187

Emerald ring fine jewelry for mother's day

1.08 ct. sparkling medium bluish green crystalline gem, set in a vintage design, the perfect gift for mom, in 14k yellow gold.
USD $1,620.00 - Ref. # LR188

jewelry for mothers day gift: emerald ring

0.67 ct. vibrant deep color fine quality gem prong set in a decorated band with natural diamonds 14k white gold.
USD $1,200.00 - Ref. # LR189

Emerald and baguette diamond ring

0.90 ct. medium color very brilliant, tapered baguette side diamonds; a beautiful gift for mom, 14K yellow gold.
USD $1,060.00 - Ref. # LR190

Mother's day gift emerald ring

2.02 carats deep color and crystalline gem highlighted by a halo of natural white diamonds in solid 14K white gold.
USD $2,450.00 - Ref. # LR191

Natural emerald east west ring

0.84 ct. sparkling medium deep color in bezel set, designed and made just for this gemstone in 14k yellow gold.
USD $1,230.00 - Ref. # LR192

Platinum and 18k gold emerald ring

1.21 ct. brilliant medium deep color, flanked by a straight line and a trillion cut natural diamonds each side.
USD $3,350.00 - Ref. # LR193

Genuine Colombian emerald ring

1.56 ct. sparkling medium deep color prong set, flanked by white natural princess cut diamonds in 14k white gold.
USD $2,490.00 - Ref. # LR194

14k white gold emerald ring

1.13 ct. brilliant medium color and translucent gem, set in a rope like frame setting, natural diamonds on the band.
USD $1,250.00 - Ref. # LR195

Halo cushion cut emerald ring

1.43 ct. very brilliant medium deep color with prong set natural white diamonds around in 14K yellow gold.
USD $3,600.00 - Ref. # LR196

Inexpensive yellow gold emerald ring

1.30 ct. vibrant medium deep bluish green color prong set in lustrous solid 14k yellow gold, a gift for emerald lovers.
USD $1,995.00 - Ref. # LR197

Emerald round cut and diamond rings

0.44 ct. brilliant and translucent deep color, surrounded by a halo of natural white sparkling diamonds 14K white gold.
USD $699.00 - Ref. # LR198

Four leaf clover emerald ring oval cut

1.55 ct. crystalline medium color very brilliant, double prong set into a diamond clover silhouette 14k white gold.
USD $1,550.00 - Ref. # LR199

Round Colombian emerald and diamond ring

0.92 ct. a very brilliant medium color and crystalline gem, flanked by prong set natural diamonds in 14k white gold.
USD $1,250.00 - Ref. # LR200


Halo Colombian emerald cut ring

1.36 ct. medium green and crystalline gem in a diamond frame, classic but elegant design made in 14k yellow gold.
USD $1,650.00 - Ref. # LR186-2

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Tips for the Care of Your Emerald Rings:

All gems in prong-set have less protection against accidental hits on hard surfaces, since wearing in the hands normally they are very exposed to impacts. It is for that reason we strongly recommend removing the jewelry from your hands to do hard work and thus avoid unfortunate losses in your precious jewelry. All the emeralds that we offer here on our web-page are from the Colombian mines origin and they are very bright and beautiful, but in order for them to remain that way, you must take permanent care of them from mistreatment. Cleaning them frequently with warm water and a soap grease remover without solvents such as acetone; to keep your jewelry clean for as long as possible, wear them after applying lotions and creams to your hands, so they do not become cloudy when smeared with them... See more All rings on this page are made in the USA by Emeralds & Jewelry Corp. by an expert goldsmith jeweler and setter, each setting must be made by hand and for each gemstone.

From ancient times humans have used jewelry to adorn their bodies, fasten clothing, as talismans, healing purposes or as marker of social and personal status. The materials used to create jewelry and the manufacturing methods have changed throughout the history but I would say that in the last decades regardless of the gender the use of precious metals and colorful gemstones have increased notoriously. One of the jewelry ornaments that has gained popularity in our modern society is the birthstone for each month, the emerald is the birthstone for May, which is also the mother's month; an excellent gift also for a new mom born in the month of May.