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Inexpensive Emerald Engagement Rings affordable jewelry Made in USA

In jewelry, the affordable meaning depends on the amount of money that the buyer has available to invest in his purchase,
there are jewelry that cost a lot of money and for them a 10k ring is affordable. Our jewelry is however always affordable for any budget.

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Affordable emerald engagement rings

1.20 ct. medium and translucent color very brilliant heart shaped, flanked by natural diamonds, 14k white gold.
USD $1,290.00 - Ref. # LR201

Inexpensive emerald jewelry rings

0.73 ct. sparkling deep bluish green and crystalline gem, east-west bezel set, diamonds on the band, 14k white gold.
USD $1,199.00 - Ref. # LR202

Horseshoe emerald ring for women

1.48 ct. Colombian cushion cut vivid green color and sparkling crystalline gem prong set into a horseshoe natural diamonds 14k.
USD $1,750.00 -v Ref. # LR203

Inexpensive emerald engagement ring

0.90 ct. heart shaped high quality deep green and very brilliant, surrounded by natural diamonds same shape 14k.
USD $1,100.00 - Ref. # LR204

Affordable natural emerald engagement ring

0.45 ct. vibrant medium bluish green color and crystalline gem, prong set in a halo of diamonds in 14k white gold.
USD $850.00 - Ref. # LR205

Cheap emerald engagement rings

0.75 ct. of sparkling medium color and translucent gem set into a halo of sparkling natural diamonds in 14k white gold.
USD $680.00 - Ref. # LR206

Three stone affordable emerald ring

0.62 ct. deep color and brilliant cut sparkling Colombian emeralds in a Lucida style prong set, undecorated band.
USD $400.00 - Ref. # LR207

Inexpensive emerald engagement ring

1.47ct. a sparkling emerald-cut green-fire Colombian emerald, prong set into a halo of natural diamonds; 14k white gold.
USD $2,030.00 - Ref. # LR208

Minimalist emerald ring

0.54 ct. petite but stands out on any hand this medium green color prong set Colombian emerald 14k yellow gold.
USD $445.00 - Ref. # LR209

Inexpensive emerald cut engagement ring

0.89 ct. medium deep green color fine sparkling emerald and straight line of natural diamonds each side, in 14k.
USD $1,199.00 - Ref. # LR210

Women's emerald dangling ring

0.56 ct. Rectangular emerald-cut medium sparkling crystalline color in a bezel setting dangling from a natural diamond, 14k gold.
USD $730.00 - Ref. # LR211

Inexpensive three stone emerald ring

1.01 ct. Deep green color brilliant and crystalline gem east-west orientation flanked by side natural diamonds, made in 14k gold.
USD $1,550.00 - Ref. # LR212

Emerald dangling ring for women

0.40 ct. pear shaped bezel set dangling from a 14k yellow gold band with a solitaire natural diamond bezel set.
USD $490.00 - Ref. # LR213

Affordable emerald ring for women

0.81 ct. medium green color sparkling crystalline gem in a bezel set, a unique design made in 14K yellow gold.
USD $590.00 - Ref. # LR214

Solitaire bezel set emerald ring

0.93 ct. a medium green color in a unique bezel set hand crafted solitaire style in solid 14K yellow gold.
USD $860.00 - Ref. # LR215

Affordable emerald engagement ring

1.21 ct. sparkling emerald-cut Muzo born Colombian emerald, framed by rope decor setting, made in 14k white gold.
USD $1,950.00 - Ref. # LR216

Oval shaped fine quality emerald

0.33 ct. vibrant deep crystalline green color, set in a beautifully decorated milgrain and diamond band in 14k.
USD $570.00 - Ref. # LR217

Women's inexpensive emerald ring

0.83 ct. high quality medium-deep green very brilliant bezel set, on the top of the band prong set natural diamonds, made in 14k gold.
USD $1,190.00 - Ref. # LR218

East west pear shaped women's emerald ring

0.51 ct. very brilliant medium color east west orientation bezel set, natural diamonds on the band 14k white gold inexpensive ring.
USD $790.00 - Ref. # LR219

Emerald enhancer ring white gold

0.76 ct. Colombian emeralds sparkling medium deep bluish green color, also known as ring guard or solitaire enhancer, 14k gold.
USD $1,250.00 - Ref. # LR220 SOLD!!!

Emerald ring guard yellow gold

0.75 ct. Colombian emeralds sparkling medium deep bluish green color, to enhance your solitaire ring, 14k yellow gold.
USD $1,230.00 - Ref. # LR221

Halo diamond emerald cut emerald ring

1.59 ct. medium bluish green color four prong set framed by a rectangular halo of natural prong set white diamonds in 14k yellow gold.
USD $1,880.00 - Ref. # LR222

Pear shape emerald ring

1.39 ct. medium-deep green color pear shape or tear drop in a classic halo sparkling natural diamonds in 14k white gold.
USD $2.100.00 - Ref. # LR223

Affordable halo round cut emerald ring

0.58 ct. medium color four prong set in a classic round shape halo of natural prong set white diamonds in 14k yellow gold.
USD $490.00 - Ref. # LR200-1

Inexpensive Colombian emerald ring

0.61 ct. medium color and sparkling gem bezel set in a prong set natural diamonds band in 14k yellow gold.
USD $530.00 - Ref. # LR200-3

Three Stone Emerald and Accent Diamonds

1.08 ct. a medium deep color, very brilliant and translucent gem, princess cut side diamonds in 14k yellow gold.
USD $1,785.00 - Ref. # LR150-2

Sterling silver emerald ring

0.75 ct. medium green Colombian emerald prong set in a silver and CZ beautiful eye catching for every day wear.
USD $295.00 - Ref. # LRS101

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Tips for the Care of Your Emerald Rings:

All rings on this page are made in the USA by Emeralds & Jewelry Corp. by an expert setter and each setting must be made by hand and for each gemstone.

All gems in prong-set have less protection against accidental hits on hard surfaces, since wearing in the hands normally they are very exposed to impacts.

It is for that reason we strongly recommend removing the jewelry from your hands to do hard work and thus avoid unfortunate losses in your precious jewelry.

All the emeralds that we offer here on our web-page are from the Colombian mines origin and they are very bright and beautiful, but in order for them to remain that way, you must take permanent care of them from mistreatment.

Cleaning them frequently with warm water and a soap grease remover without solvents such as acetone; to keep your jewelry clean for as long as possible, wear them after applying lotions and creams to your hands, so they do not become cloudy when smeared with them... See more