Emerald Engagement Ring Meaning and Symbolism.

Essentially, it is the meaning behind the ring itself that matters,

not necessarily the price you paid for it; an engagement ring is a symbol of the couple's love and devotion, nothing more.

There are no rules dictating the type of ring you should wear or even that you have to wear one at all!

Emerald Engagement Rings

Emeralds have always had a royal place in our history, therefore engagement rings do not have to be exclusively of a specific gem, all engagement rings have a special meaning to the couple free of impositions and commercial practices, making them feel It is a crime to have other ideas.
The shimmering green fire of the emerald that keeps alive the burning flame of love with a hopeful future of a better dawn, it is the best idea for engagement rings; They are affordable and with a deep meaning and symbolism, for that unforgettable day.

The Emerald Stone is Full of Meaning and Symbolism

When a man makes the proposal with an emerald engagement ring, he is proposing with the meaning of something representative of his “Real Love” -- symbolizing his love and commitment for a long life together. Emerald is the perfect symbol of love. The beautiful green fire of a sparkling engagement ring shimmering with romance is one of the most important decisions in your life. An unforgettable moment -- the day that you realize the real reason of your existence is to “LOVE” someone.

The emeralds are the gems of the kings, powerful men courting important women, with different purposes, and romantic legends of the loves of Cleopatra and other famous people of our history, Russian czars, England queens and impressive crowns. with their unique green color has special meaning of loyalty, faith and hope in the new dawn, symbolizing reborn tomorrow in a new life, loyalty to his beloved one in the new beginning of a new life together.

Exotic, rare, beautiful and unique, every natural gem contains birthmarks of the earth where it was born.

Perhaps the emeralds are not forever, nothing is forever, and they are susceptible to break or scratch on their surface due to the mistreatment and accidental hits, therefore your emerald engagement ring requires your special care and you will see for a long time in your hands their beautiful vibrant green fire, the color that symbolizes life, faith and hope in this new beginning.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphires are a beautiful alternative as engagement rings and also have their history of famous rings in royalty and famous people of our history.
Ruby and Sapphires are very similar natural crystals called corundum that are normally treated with heat improving their color by diffusion, All gems are treated in some way to improve their appearance in the jewelry.

Bride's Birthstone Engagement Rings

Engagement rings with the bride’s birthstone is a smart and affordable option if you can’t afford the high cost of large carat size diamonds. If you are looking for a gorgeous engagement ring with an attractive yellow center stone, then an emerald-cut Citrine would be a great choice, Citrine is the birthstone for the month of November and the gemstone representing the 13th wedding anniversary. The Citrine is a variety of quartz that ranges from pale yellow to brownish orange color, it is believed that Citrine helps to connect with the spirit and it is often given as a symbol of hope, youth, health and fidelity.

Brides' birthstone engagement rings