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Emerald Necklaces Natural Colombian Emeralds - Made in USA

Genuine emerald necklaces made with authentic Colombian emeralds ready to ship in 24 hours, Free S&H in the U.S.A.

Real emerald necklace
Real Colombian emerald necklace

8.07 ct. Cushion cut emerald from Muzo Colombia, a 18k yellow gold hand made pendant and a halo of natural diamonds.
USD $14,500.00 - Ref. # N101

genuine emerald necklace
Genuine emerald necklace 18k gold

2.36 carats, this beautiful genuine emerald medium deep green color is set in a simple yet elegant 4-prong hand made four prong frame.
USD $4,950.00 - Ref. # N102

Muzo emerald necklace
Muzo Emerald necklace

2.35 carats high quality Colombian emerald, 18k white gold hand crafted majestically framed by double halo of natural diamonds.
USD $9,200.00 - Ref. # N103

Natural emerald necklace
Natural emerald necklace

2.84 ct. 14k yellow gold vintage inspired dangling pear shape natural emerald is surrounded by a shimmering halo of diamonds.
USD $3,200.00 -Ref. # N104

Green emerald necklace
Green fire emerald necklace emerald-cut

2.01 ct. delightful emerald-cut necklace crafted in 14k yellow gold sliding down a tube-shaped bail with natural accent diamonds.
USD $2,890.00 - Ref. # N105

East-west emerald necklace
East-west emerald necklace

3.48 ct. crafted in 18k white gold East-West orientation and is beautifully framed by a halo of round natural diamonds prong set.
USD $2,590.00 - Ref. # N106

May birthstone emerald necklace
May birthstone necklace

1.87 ct. Emerald is May’s birthstone. This pear shape emerald is surrounded by a shimmering halo of diamonds.
USD $2,650.00 - Ref. # N107

Colombian emerald necklace
Colombian emerald necklace pear shaped

2.96 carats. You won’t find this beautiful, nature inspired 18k yellow gold necklace somewhere else.
USD $5,900.00 - Ref. # N108

Halo emerald necklace
Halo emerald necklace pear shaped for sale

2.26 carats. Hand crafted in 18k white gold; the pear shaped is surrounded by sparkling white diamonds.
USD $6,500.00 - Ref. # N109

Asscher cut emerald necklace
Asscher cut emerald necklace

2.64 ct deep green and princess cut diamond on the bail, 18K hand-crafted setting only for this gem.
USD $5,650.00 - Ref. # N110

Claddagh emerald necklace
Emerald Claddagh necklace

0.67 ct. 14k represents the connection between two people and the feeling of safety, support, friendship and love.
USD $1,160.00 - Ref. # N111

green fire emerald necklace
Rectangular emerald cut necklace

1.65 ct. handsome rectangular bluish green emerald-cut Muzo mine with prong-set natural diamond line.
USD $2,300.00 - Ref. # N112

Oval cut emerald necklace
Oval cut emerald necklace

1.11 ct. surrounded by a dazzling halo of natural diamonds prong set, made in 14k yellow gold, the perfect gift for her.
USD $2,490.00 - Ref. # N113

Pear cut emerald necklace
Pear shaped emerald and diamond necklace

1.28 ct. surrounded by diamonds gracefully attached to the entwined “V” shape center piece in 14k white gold.
USD $3,550.00 - Ref. # N114

Marquise emerald necklace
Marquise and pear shaped emerald necklace

1.58 ct. - 14k displays two near colorless marquise shaped natural diamonds and three Colombian emeralds.
USD $2,250.00 - Ref. # N115

square cut emerald necklace
Kisses and hugs emerald necklace

2.37 carats 14K yellow-white gold dangling of the emerald three solid straight lines with sparkling natural diamonds.
USD $2,700.00 - Ref. # N116

Natural emerald necklace
Natural oval cut emerald necklace

3.68 carats very good quality oval kissed by a touch of entwined white gold and natural diamonds on the top.
USD $5,400.00 - Ref. # N117

Marquise emerald necklace
Marquise emerald necklace

2.12 ct. natural vibrant high quality bluish green marquise 14k white gold and marquises shaped links with diamonds.
USD $5,380.00 - Ref. # N118

Briolette emerald necklace
Briolette emerald necklace

2.20 carats sparkling elongated pear briolette shaped, style that has been loved for centuries. 14k white gold.
USD $2,690.00 - Ref. # N119

pear affordable emerald necklace
Affordable emerald necklaces

1.73 ct. nice quality and inexpensive necklace in 14k kissed with a touch of straight line of dangling diamonds.
USD $2,100.00 - Ref. # N120

Emerald and diamond necklace
Emerald and diamond necklace

2.28 ct. the forever together and dancing with brilliant style and elegance sliding necklace that makes a unique piece of jewelry.
USD $1,870.00 - ef. # N121

Bow-tie emerald necklace
Natural emerald necklace bowtie

1.28 ct. from Muzo Colombia, dangling from a 18k white gold bow-tie design with pave set natural diamonds it looks fantastic.
USD $2,980.00 - Ref. # N122

Authentic Colombian emerald necklace
Real emerald necklace made in USA

3.16 ct. quality and brightness, beautifully complemented by sparkling near colorless pear shaped diamonds 14k.
USD $5,100.00 - Ref. # N123

horseshoe emerald necklace
Emerald Horseshoe necklace

0.43 ct. To many people a horseshoe is a symbol of good luck, fortune and protection a nice gift to a dear lady.
USD $450.00 - Ref. # N124

Solitaire emerald necklace
Emerald solitaire necklace 18k

5.52 ct. - East-West solitaire made for a great and unique gift idea for a woman who loves simplicity and elegance.
USD $4,850.00 - Ref. # N125

Halo emerald necklace
Genuine Colombian emerald necklace

3.43 ct. deep bluish green, set in 14k yellow gold framed by natural diamonds and on the top more diamonds.
USD $4,300.00 - Ref. # N126

Emerald enhancer necklace
Pear shaped emerald enhancer necklace

6.01 carats - The enhancer bail can be opened to switch to another chain; with pearls it is simple exquisite; 18k.
USD $6,315.00 - Ref. # N127

Natural emerald necklace
Nature inspired emerald twig necklace

1.66 ct. 14k on the two-leaved branch, a touch of sparkling natural diamonds makes it spectacular unmatched design.
USD $1,650.00 - Ref. # N128

Bezel set Colombian emerald necklace
Rectangular Colombian emerald necklace

2.69 carats, a solitaire vibrant eye clean gem medium green color bezel set in lustrous 18K yellow gold simple, elegant.
USD $5,250.00 - Ref. # N129

Baguette cut emerald necklace

5.74 ct. the 14k top shell holding a white pearl has a small tube bail where the chain glides smoothly with elegance.
USD $1,490.00 - Ref. # N130

Heart Colombian emerald necklace
Genuine emerald necklaces

3.18 ct. heart shaped, this beautiful handcrafted slanted heart pendant necklace will steal her heart 18k yellow gold.
USD $4,590.00 - Ref. # N131

Natural Colombian emerald necklace
Natural emerald necklaces

1.10 ct. surrounded by a delicate halo of diamonds, the dazzling oval frame is topped with a solitaire diamond bail.
USD $1,350.00 - Ref. # N132

Real Colombian emerald necklace
Real emerald necklaces

0.75 ct. pear shaped held into a 14k yellow gold halo diamond prong set mounting same shape, makes of it a real modern look
USD $850.00 - Ref. # N133

Cluster Colombian emerald necklace
Emerald cluster necklace

1.30 ct. round cut cluster of natural emeralds prong set into an open 4-leaf diamond clover frame- 14k yellow gold.
USD $1,365.00 - Ref. # N134

Cabochon Colombian emerald necklace
Genuine emerald cabochon bow-tie necklace

3.71 carats cabochon cut deep green in a prong setting dangling from a 18k yellow gold bow-tie with yellow natural diamonds
USD $880.00 - Ref. # N135

Bezel set Colombian emerald necklace
Natural emerald solitaire necklace

.54 carats emerald cut 4-prong setting hand made slider 18k yellow gold just for this beautiful Colombian emerald.
USD $4,490.00 - Ref. # N136

Natural pear cut Colombian emerald necklace
Genuine pear shape emerald necklace

1.01 ct. dangling from a V curved chevron design with natural diamonds channel set, adjustable chain 16" to 18" in 14k yellow gold
USD $1,395.00 - Ref. # N137

Tulip Colombian emerald necklace
Tulip emerald necklace slider

0.76 ct. emerald cut east-west solitaire slider pendant necklace in 14k yellow gold prong set resembling a tulip flower style design.
USD $690.00 - Ref. # N138

Natural emerald and pearl Colombian emerald necklace
Natural emerald and pearl necklace

1.91 ct. cushion cut in a four prong setting, it has a beautiful bright color and dangling a beautiful round natural pearl in 14k
USD $1,350.00 - Ref. # N139

Natural emerald and diamond necklace
Natural emeralds and diamond necklace

0.69 ct. pear shaped natural diamond and 0.35 carats round cut emeralds prong set in a V shape bar made in 14k yellow gold
USD $1,870.00 - Ref. # N140

pear shaped real Colombian emerald necklace
Real emerald pear shaped necklace

1.00 carat dangling from a 14k yellow gold SSS design decorated with natural diamonds pave set.
USD $1.050.00 - Ref. # N141

Colombian emerald and pearl necklace
Genuine emerald and pearl necklace

0.65 ct. octagonal cut dangling from a 14k yellow gold curb bar decorated with diamonds. A pearl drops down.
USD $720.00 - Ref. # N142

14k gold Colombian emerald necklace
White gold emerald necklace

0.77 ct. pear shaped suspended from a simple elegant wavy bar of natural diamonds made in 14k white gold.
USD $1,120.00 - Ref. # N143

Colombian emerald halo necklace
Pear shaped natural emerald halo necklace

0.71 ct. beautiful sparkling medium deep bluish green surrounded by natural white diamonds in 14k yellow gold.
USD $985.00 - Ref. # N144

14k yellow gold Colombian emerald necklace
Yellow gold emerald necklace

1.17 ct. Baguette cut with a charming bright bluish green color, dangling form a V central piece made in 14k yellow gold with channel set diamonds.
USD $1,545.00 - Ref. # N145

round cut Colombian emerald necklace
Real Colombian emeralds necklace

2.28 ct. five graduated size round cut sparkling emeralds, set in 4-prong round basket settings crafted in 14k yellow gold.
USD $2,265.00 - Ref. # N146

Muzo Colombian emerald necklace
Muzo round cut emerald necklace

1.58 ct. five medium light color round cut sparkling Muzo emeralds set in 4 prong basket settings crafted in 14k yellow gold.
USD $1,690.00 - Ref. # N147

Green Colombian emerald necklace
Green fire emerald necklace

1.27 ct. five medium light color round cut sparkling genuine emeralds set in 4 prong basket settings crafted in 14k yellow gold.
USD $1,450.00 - Ref. # N148

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About our Emerald Necklaces Designs and Manufacture:

In the world of gems, the most difficult to get perfect cuts are Emeralds, especially from Colombia, because they are cut by hand and not in standard measures.

Most of the settings have to be done by hand or in a computer wax printer to fit the measures of the emerald for a professional work; for the safety and protection of the gemstone in the mounting.

Most emeralds are cut by hand in different sizes and shapes, it depends of the rough gemstone to be cut, to use the most of their material possible and color position into the in the rough stone.

Semi-precious color gems such as Aquamarine, Garnets, Amethyst, Topaz and so on are more commercial and at affordable prices. Semi precious gems are cut with standard sizes, the jewelry factories make the jewelry settings production in the same standard sizes where the gem will be set

So these genuine or natural emeralds in decent quality are not very abundant and they are expensive.

These gemstones are cut according to their rough shape and color position in the stone. Making the most of their expensive material, the best possible cut; more weight, more carats, more value and it is for this reason that it is almost impossible to find the ideal cut of these gems in the market.

When I go to Colombia, I buy what is available in the market at that time, it is difficult to find what I want and in the quantity I want. The market depends on the raw production in the mines and what finally it is available for sale in free trade in the offices where they are traded.

For us the emerald jewelry makers, it is hard to find a perfect setting fitting the top table, girdle and pavilion's deep measures. Each emerald is different in many ways even within the same measures as the others.

After successfully acquiring all the expected purchases, the gems are legally imported to the USA, later these are selected for what kind of jewel the gem would make its best performance and the best design.

Finally on the jeweler's bench, it is another odyssey, because its measurements are not standard as in semi-precious gems and there is no jewelry produced in factories that fit the length and width of hand-cut gems.

For safety, protection and aesthetics, the gemstone must be set in a precise setting, where the same box serves as a shield and protects the emerald against accidental blows.

The gemstone back side well seated, without movement to prevent it from break off of the mounting. If the gem is set with no solid back support, it will easily break at any of its corners or tips where it is held.

Cleaning your emerald necklace with warm water and a soap grease remover without solvents such as acetone... See more: