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The best place to buy emeralds:

The best place to buy emeralds or emerald jewelry is to buy from a reputable licensed jeweler where you can contact them and speak with someone personally, not via phone numbers with voice mail and no human contact.
The sales receipt from the store showing your purchase SHOULD ALWAYS state the exact information about the item including: shape or cut, gemstone size(s), carat weight and origin of it, and certifying that it is a natural or a mined one.
Read the return policy and make sure you have a money back guarantee if something is not real or as stated with the natural gem you have purchased.

If you are buying ONLINE a piece of jewelry where beautiful computer renderings are shown, this means you are ordering a customized piece or a special order item that is not returnable for refund or exchange. This is normally why these jewelers specify two weeks to ship your item.
Most retailers online display impressive computer made renderings (not photographs of the actual item you will receive). What they are offering does not exist yet — at least it’s not already finished and ready to ship to you. So gold mounting has to be ordered; the right emerald (size, color and quality) has to be located and then the gem setter has to make the item.
This is a much more expensive way to buy because the store is ordering a single piece in addition to a normal 50% of profit — all included in the price you have paid

If you are looking for a single loose emerald, you can make a list of emerald dealers in your city and visit each until you find the stone you like and at a price you can afford. Be aware that a good search will take some time. If you don’t have many options in your city and you turn to the internet for help, it’s important to find out the store’s return policy.

This is one of the most important factors when buying a loose emerald or already set in a gold mounting online. You don’t want to make the expensive mistake of buying an emerald that looked better online and turns out to be of much lower quality once you receive it. Study the return policy of the store carefully before buying. Usually jewelry sellers do not have a 100% money back refund policy — only a store credit or an exchange. They may also charge a restocking fee.