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Genuine Emerald Jewelry Real Colombian Emeralds, Online Store in South Florida USA

All Items are Made in USA With Authentic Colombian Emeralds and Ready to Ship - Affordable Prices Only ONLINE

Real Colombian emerald jewelry
Emerald Engagement Rings - Colombian Emeralds

If you are looking for emerald engagement rings made in the USA, take your time and browse our fine natural emerald jewelry for sale, each item is unique.

Necklaces genuine Colombian emerald jewelry
Emerald Necklaces

Our fine Colombian emerald jewelry and our selection of emerald necklaces is really unique. Each necklace is one of a kind, waiting for a special and unique person too.

Emerald rings fine jewelry for men
Men's Emerald Rings Fine Jewelry

When it comes to men's jewelry, each garment expresses your personality and taste; do it with elegance and style with something different: an emerald ring for men.

Emerald earrings solid gold jewelry
Emerald Earrings - Colombian Emeralds

Beautiful and unique earrings collection in elegant designs at really affordable prices; buy with confidence from the emerald jewelry specialists.

Colombian emerald stud earrings
Emerald Stud Earrings

Emerald stud earrings for sale in different prices, according to the size of the emeralds and their quality, simple and elegant to wear every day.

Emerald pendant necklaces Muzo mine emeralds
Emerald Pendants

Buying a pendant necklace? Explore and find in our wide and beautiful collection emerald jewelry prices for all budgets; we display actual real pictures.

Authentic Colombian emeralds fine gold jewelry
Emerald Bracelets

All made in the USA, unique designs at real affordable prices, our authentic emerald jewelry offers tennis bracelets in white or yellow gold.

Loose Muzo Colombian emeralds for sale
Loose Colombian Emeralds for Sale

The best place to buy loose natural Colombian emeralds is direct from the source and cut off middlemen; buy from the specialists and direct importers to the USA.

Muzo loose matching pair emeralds for jewelry
Loose Muzo Emeralds Matching Pair for Earrings

When customers prefer to create their own design and satisfy their desire to show off their creativity, we have loose emeralds of the same quality with which we make our jewelry, if you do not see what you want, do not hesitate to contact us, we have more emeralds in the drawer.

Natural blue sapphire rings and jewelry
Sapphire Jewelry Blue sapphire rings, Necklaces and More

Fine collection of sapphire rings, pendants and necklaces in 14k - 18k gold. A genuine sapphire engagement ring is a real royal idea for an adorable princess.

Australian natural opal jewelry
Australian Natural Opal Jewelry

New designs hand crafted beautiful genuine opal earrings necklaces and pendants featuring high quality opal jewelry at incredible low prices.

Emerald solitaire rings for women
Emerald solitaire rings

Sometimes emerald lovers just want to see the solitary emerald as the only gem in their ring, pendant or necklace either bezel set or in prongs set, the beautiful shimmering color of the emerald is enough to satisfy their personal taste and we are here to satisfy you.

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Buying Genuine Emerald Jewelry Guide

Real & fake emeralds

The difference between a natural and a synthetic (or lab created) imitation gem can be difficult for the average person to determine. The following steps show how you can discover if an emerald is real or not; click photo to see...

Treatment enhancement for emeralds

This vibrant medium-deep color high quality emerald is about $10.000 per carat but sadly it is almost split into two parts; the synthetic filling treatment conceals the damage. Learn more clicking the picture.

Color zone in emeralds

When cutting a natural color zoned emerald, the facets on the girdle, orientation and careful placement of these zones can distribute color by reflection to create a uniformly even color in the gem when viewed face-up without diminish its value.

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