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Muzo Emeralds - Colombia

Muzo is the name of the native tribe that inhabited that area when the Spaniards invaded them, after 20 years of fighting and took control by force.

When I talk about the Muzo mine, it does not mean that there is a single huge hole in the earth from which all the emeralds are extracted; Muzo is an area of 154 Km2 situated in the western foothills of the eastern branch of the Colombian Andes and is distant about 205 Km (127 miles ) from Bogotá which is the capital of Colombia; The Muzo area has a municipality or town with around 10,000 inhabitants and most of them live from agriculture on small farms around the town.

It is very normal that in this area any farmer finds emeralds when doing his field work digging in the earth and if he is lucky, digging more he can find more emeralds. In the Muzo area there are many mines or excavation spots, with different names and locations that are rustically exploited. The most productive mines are those legally established and exploited within state regulations and they do so with sophisticated machinery in the deep excavation of the mountain. That is why I usually say MUZO MINES when I talk about my emeralds that I offer in my online store, because most of them are from the Muzo
mines. In the same region, not far away there are other mines such as Coscuez, Chivor, Peñas Blancas and La pita, exploited in the same way and beautiful emeralds are also extracted from these mines, the emeralds from the Chivor mines are very famous for their crystalline material very bright and bluish green color, which is exceptionally beautiful.

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Muzo emerald for sale

3.60 carats 10,06 x 9.03 x 6.65 mm.
Medium green color excellent brightness. Our Muzo emeralds price per carat are the lowest in the market.
USD $4,650.00 - Ref. # LEM333

Muzo emerald for sale pear shaped

2.65 carats 12.33 x 8,23 x 5.36 mm.
Medium-deep vibrant green exceptional brightness.
USD $7,620.00 - Ref. # LEM334

Natural emeralds for sale matched pair set

3.62 carats 11.68 x 7.37 - 11.97 x7.41 mm. Deep green good brightness
USD $5,650.00 - Ref. # LEM335

Loose Muzo mines emerald for sale

2.76 carats 8.45 x 7.53 - 6.50 mm.
Medium-deep green very good brightness.
USD $5,400.00 - Ref. # LEM336

Natural emeralds for sale matched pair cushion cut

3.36 carats 7.57 x 6.95 - 6.74 x 7.35 mm. High quality deep green very good brightness.
USD $9,745.00 - Ref. # LEM337

Natural loose Muzo emeralds matched pair for sale

2.08 carats 8.54 x 4.36 - 8.09 x 4.40mm. Medium green good brightness.
USD $1,750.00 - Ref. # LEM338

Matched pair loose emeralds for sale

1.53 carat 5.94 x 5.64 - 5.92 x 5.29 mm. Medium green very good rightness.
USD $1,290.00 - Ref. # LEM339

Loose Muzo Colombia emerald
GIA Certified Muzo emerald for sale.

Muzo Colombia 1.88 carats 7.89 x 7.61 x 4.76 mm. Medium-deep bluish green color very good rightness. Similar to LEM342
USD $3,200.00 - Ref. # LEM340
GIA Certified F2

Natural Muzo emeralds matched pair oval shaped

1.60 carat 6.50 x 5.52 - 6.49 x 5.59 mm. Very good quality, Medium-deep green.
USD $1,690.00 - Ref. # LEM341

Loose Muzo Colombian emerald
GIA Cert. genuine Muzo Colombian emerald

2.23 carats 7.85 x 7.60 x 5.37 mm. medium-deep green color, good brightness. Similar to LEM340
USD $3,345.00 - Ref. # LEM342
GIA Certified F2

Natural emeralds baguette cut matched set for earrings and pendant

7.87 carats very good quality vibrant medium green 14.42 x 7.10 - 9.42 x 5.14 - 9.25 x 5.07 mm.
USD $5,860.00 - Ref. # LEM343

Matched trio set natural loose Colombian emeralds for sale

2.78 carats high quality baguette cut vibrant deep green 10.27 x 4.96 - 7.10 x 4.48 - 7.37 x 4.06 mm.
USD $5,130.00 - Ref. # LEM344

Natural emeralds matched set for earrings and pendant

4.18 carats very good quality vibrant medium green 8.78 x 5.66 - 8.91 x 4.13 - 8.77 x 4.69 mm.
USD $5,290.00 - Ref. # LEM345

Emeralds matched set earrings and pendant sale

3.10 carats good quality medium green, 9.08 x 5.01 - 8.53 x 4.14 - 9.16 x 4.11 mm.
USD $2,010.00 - Ref. # LEM346

Natural Colombian emeralds matching set

7.88 carats light-medium green -11.30 x 6.81 - 9.0 x 5.24 - 9.24 x 5.20 - 6.58 x 6.12 mm.
USD $4,900.00 - Ref. # LEM347

Loose genuine emeralds pear shaped

4.32 carats total weight light-medium green really brilliant.
17.01 x 6.42 - 9.99 x 4.17 - 10.02 x 4.15 mm.
USD $2,160.00 - Ref. # LEM348

Set of loose Colombian emeralds for sale

4.45 Carats commercial quality light-medium green, 7.46 x 6.49 - 6.23 x 5.96 - 6.24 x 6.10 mm.
USD $1,250.00 - Ref. # LEM349

Nice quality Colombian emeralds match set

1.90 carat very good quality medium-deep green 5.62 x 4.94 - 5.56 x 4.74 - 5.53 x 4.62 mm.
USD $1,330.00 - Ref. # LEM350

Fine matched set Colombian emeralds

1.85 ct. very good quality medium-deep green 6.06 x 4.59 - 4.85 x 4.41 - 4.99 x 4.49 mm.
USD $1,600.00 - Ref. # LEM351

Three stone set loose emeralds for sale

2.11 carats good quality medium green, very good brightness 6.48 x 6.09 - 6.10 x 4.77 - 6.07 x 4.84 mm.
USD $1,140.00 - Ref. # LEM352

Three natural emeralds set for sale

1.93 carat high quality very good brightness 5.69 x 5.16 - 5.38 x 4.39 - 5.02 x 4.36 mm.
USD $1,640.00 - Ref. # LEM353

Loose ovals Colombian emeralds set

1.87 carat high quality very good brightness 7.21 x 5.53 - 6.11 x 4.76 - 6.20 x 4.65 mm.
USD $1,500.00 - Ref. # LEM354

Matched set three loose ovals for sale

1.76 carat good quality medium green, very good brightness 6.62 x 5.41 - 5.62 x 4.36 - 5.25 x 4.48 mm.
USD $1,320.00 - Ref. # LEM355

Natural loose ovals three stone match set

2.10 carats good quality medium green, very good brightness 6.76 x 5.37 - 5.92 x 5.03 - 5.80 x 5.03 mm.
USD $1,310.00 - Ref. # LEM356

Loose natural from Colombian mines

2.00 ct. rectangular cut, medium green good brightness, 8.32 x 6.53 mm.
USD $760.00 - Ref. # LEM357

Cheap genuine emerald for sale

0.97 ct, 6.65 x 5.31 x 3.70 mm.
USD $425.00 - Ref. # LEM358

Medium green from Colombia

2.50 carats square cut 8.25 x 8.20 mm. Medium green good rightness
USD $1,315.00 - Ref. # LEM359

Deep green from Colombian mines

2.89 carats rectangular cut 9.27 x 7.62 mm. good brightness.
USD $3,050.00 - Ref. # LEM360

Deep green Colombian emerald for sale

2.55 carats rectangular cut good brightness 9.91 x 6.11 mm.
USD $3,480.00 - Ref. # LEM361

Genuine from Colombian mines for sale

2.02 carats rectangular cut - medium green good brightness 10.19 x 5.86 mm
USD $1,696.00 - Ref. # LEM362

Natural loose Colombian emerald for sale

1.57 carat square cut deep green good brightness 7.13 x 5.98 mm
USD $1,566.00 - Ref. # LEM363

Loose emerald baguette cut high quality

1.62 carat 9.68 x 5.20 mm. Deep green / excellent brightness.
USD $4,250.00 - Ref. # LEM364

Baguette cut loose emerald for sale

1.10 carat high quality 8.45 x 4.94 mm. deep green / excellent brightness
USD $3,465.00 - Ref. # LEM365

Oval cut genuine Colombian emerald for sale

1.38 carat 7.48x6.53 mm. medium green excellent brightness
USD $1,740.00 - Ref. # LEM366

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How to purchase an emerald and find out if it is real or not?

The similarities between a natural and a man-made (or lab created) emerald/imitation can be difficult for the average person to determine and far more difficult if the stone is set already in a metal mounting.
Then how to know if the loose emerald or any piece of jewelry with emerald you are buying is real or not?

Never inspect gemstone without a X10 loupe, if you don’t have one, ask the seller for a 10x loupe or a good magnifying lens and a bright light.

Loose Emeralds Buying Tips:

Hold the emerald with your hands or a safe Jewelry Tweezers and start looking for natural flaws or minor imperfections within the emerald’s crystal which are clear indication that it is a natural or earth mined emerald, the most common natural flaws found in a natural emerald are tiny pores or fibrous lines that can be spotted in the pavilion (back side) of these precious green gems.

Precious gemstones are identified as genuine for their unique natural defects or inclusions also known as birthmarks, it is extremely rare to find flawless or perfectly clean emeralds.

Carefully inspect the girdle (thin perimeter or outline of the emerald) to make sure it does not have thin slides/layers fused or assembled, if the emerald is already set in a mounting and it’s fully covered and you can’t see the pavilion it’s better no to purchase the item since it might be a lab created emerald or concealing a fake background to show deeper color. There are a lot of tricks like doublets made with colorless beryl and dying color agents. See more here

If you are buying a ring or pendant with a bezel-set emerald, make sure that the underneath is uncovered to allow the passage of light and let the emerald displays its natural green color and facilitate the cleaning and maintenance. You can also find emeralds and other color gemstones with noticeable color zone..