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Natural Australian Opal Jewelry Necklaces Pendants Earrings Made in the USA

This opal jewelry is designed and handmade by us, therefore we can offer it to the public at incredibly low factory prices.

Opal earrings
Save $2,250.00 USD
Natural opal pendant
Save $1,750.00 USD
white opal pendant
Save $1,795.00 USD
Opal necklace
Save $3,295.00 USD
Opal pendant
Save $1,890.00 USD
Solid Australian opal pendant
Save $2,530.00 USD
White opal necklace
Save $3,280.00 USD
Australian opal necklace
Save $5,485.00 USD
Natural Solid opals earrings
Save $4,500.00 USD
Natural Australian opal pendant
Save $3,400.00 USD
Australian opal necklace
Save $5,350.00 USD
Australian opal necklace
Save $3,600.00 USD
Natural opal pendant necklace
Save $6,800.00 USD
Australian opal pendant
Save $860.00 USD
Natural australian black opal pendant
Save $1,200.00 USD
Real australian opal necklace
Save $1,590.00 USD
Solid gold opal necklace
Save $1,420.00 USD
Solid 14k gold australian opal earrings
Save $620.00 USD

About this opal jewelry:

Emerald jewelry has always been my specialty but I must confess that there are other exotic gems like Australian opals that catch my eye, their natural play-of-colors is what spikes up my fascination and a few times when I have attended gems shows I couldn’t resist the temptation to purchase some gorgeous opals from Australian exhibitors. As professional jeweler and gemstone setter I decided to handcraft some pieces in 14K and 18K solid gold to showcase the beautiful opals that I have kept in the vault for a long time hoping to find opal lovers that appreciate their stunning natural colors and my effort to produce one-of-a-kind opal jewelry at very competitive prices.
Opal is the national gemstone of Australia; opal is a hydrate amorphous form of silica. Opals are unique because they display a rainbow of colors due to their intrinsic microstructure which diffracts white light into all the colors of the spectrum. The opal is one of the most fascinating gems with more colors than any other, it is a real spectacular dance of color flashes, the play of colors has fascinated people for centuries that hypnotize even the simplest spectator.

Some critics say that opals are fragile and unstable gems, but in my opinion that is not accurate, that depends on the treatment that you give them; before I started creating my collection, I have had some of these opals for several years in my safe deposit box and they have not changed in their structure or color and they have not needed none clarity enhancement to highlight its beauty, - Opal has a hardness of 5.0-6.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale; they are obviously susceptible to breaking with strong blows or changing their appearance if they are subjected to chemical liquids that affect their structure and color, for That's why I decided to create good quality jewelry, in solid gold, (not plated) with these beautiful gems, I guarantee that they will not change their beauty, that it is not possible to take good photos that do justice to their brilliant colors, I assure you that they are more beautiful in person.

The history, formation and classification of opals is very extensive that it can’t be summarized in a simple page but generally speaking the colors range from colorless to milky white, gray and semi-black to black opals and those that exhibit rich, vibrant colors including red, orange, yellow and blue.

The depth and richness of color is reflected in pricing.

Opal is a birthstone for the month of October and the gemstone representing the 14th and 18th wedding anniversary. For many people opal symbolizes magic, love, hope, happiness and truth, so if you are looking for a special gift to indulge yourself or for your significant other I invite you to browse my collection.

Play of opal Colors:
A phenomenon unique to these gems, consisting of multiple color flashes within the stone that change depending on the angle from which the stone is viewed.

The density, intensity and distribution of these color flashes are determining value factors.


Opals are considered transparent when another object placed on the opposite side can be viewed through the stone; translucent, defined as having the ability to allow diffused light to pass through the entire gem; or opaque, meaning light does not penetrate the stone.


Also the white opals are very popular and vendible because they are more affordable compared with the black ones; White opals can be milky white and semitransparent, which is why they are normally displayed on dark or black surfaces. Other very popular currently are the crystalline that are transparent but beautiful and they definitely have to be displayed on black surfaces to appreciate their colors.


The majority of common opal mined is called Potch, so it is basically common opal with no color. Potch is a hydrated amorphous form of silica and is known as a mineraloid. It is not classed as a mineral. The color is formed in the internal structures of precious Opal. Precious ones will diffract light creating a spectrum of colors whereas potch has no diffraction and no color.


Opal is a material that forms within the cracks and crevices of different types of rocks. Often, the veins of opal within a rock are thin and winding. Quite often the formation is not quite big enough for a stone of its own, though it is still dazzlingly beautiful within the rock. At some point, someone had the good sense to realize that the rock and opal together can make a beautiful stone, which is precisely what boulder opals are.