Earrings Loose Australian opals
Earrings loose doublet opals
Earrings doublet opals
Loose opals for sale
Earrings Loose Australian opals
Earrings loose doublet opals
Loose opals for earrings
Earrings doublet opals
Loose opals for sale

Loose Australian Opals for Earrings Matching Pair 7.18 ct.

Matching pair loose Australian opals for earrings Doublet pear shaped in exquisite deep blue green flashing colors, select the design, and we will craft it for you.

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Ref. LOP302
GEMS: Australian opals doublet, pear shaped 16.24 X 8.98 mm. average
CARAT WEIGHT: 7.18 ct.
COLOR: Blue green flashes predominantly
BRIGTNESS: Bright scale from 1 to 5: 4
TREATMENT: No clarity enhancement.

We only sell Genuine Australian opals not man-made imitations.

Doublet Australian Opals Matching Pair for Earrings

These exquisite doublet pear shaped gems offer a deep blue green color with mesmerizing flashes. Create a personalized design and let us bring it to life with these 7.18 carat beauties. Elevate your jewelry collection with these one-of-a-kind opals.
Craft your own stunning and unique earrings with our matching pair of loose Australian opals.


Pear shaped Australian opals

Indulge in the exquisite beauty of these Loose Australian Opals for Earrings. Our 7.18 ct pear shaped doublets feature a stunning deep blue green hue that flashes with every movement. Hand select your design and let us craft a unique pair just for you. Elevate your style with this exclusive gems.

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