Colombian Emeralds for Sale GIA Certified in USA

Fine selection of Real Colombian Emeralds for sale of exquisite color and unique shine, some GIA certified genuine emeralds from Colombia Wholesale prices Online.

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Our grading emerald color table:

It is not possible to create an accurate and understandable color and quality grading chart for all emeralds because the variety is really wide, so we narrow them to the quality that we handle:
From: good brightness, very good brightness to really good brightness and vibrant brightness. From light green to deep green, not black spots and not external fractures refilled with synthetic resins.
All genuine emeralds have natural flaws, from clean to unaided eye to visible natural flaws; any gem without inclusions is probably synthetic or imitation, because "they naturally are always included."
When the over saturated chromium and also sometimes vanadium atoms stress the beryl crystals, it produces internal micro-fissures what is called Jardin (flaws) "a unique garden of inclusions that gives to each natural gemstone its one of a kind birthmarks." we do not acquire them heavy included.

Emerald prices per carat