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Muzo Emeralds - Colombia

Muzo is the name of the native tribe that inhabited that area when the Spaniards invaded them, after 20 years of fighting and took control by force.

When I talk about the Muzo mine, it does not mean that there is a single huge hole in the earth from which all the emeralds are extracted; Muzo is an area of 154 Km2 situated in the western foothills of the eastern branch of the Colombian Andes and is distant about 205 Km (127 miles ) from Bogotá which is the capital of Colombia; The Muzo area has a municipality or town with around 10,000 inhabitants and most of them live from agriculture on small farms around the town.

It is very normal that in this area any farmer finds emeralds when doing his field work digging in the earth and if he is lucky, digging more he can find more emeralds. In the Muzo area there are many mines or excavation spots, with different names and locations that are rustically exploited. The most productive mines are those legally established and exploited within state regulations and they do so with sophisticated machinery in the deep excavation of the mountain. That is why I usually say MUZO MINES when I talk about my emeralds that I offer in my online store, because most of them are from the Muzo mines. In the same region, not far away there are other mines such as Coscuez, Chivor, Peñas Blancas and La pita, exploited in the same way and beautiful emeralds are also extracted from these mines, the emeralds from the Chivor mines are very famous for their crystalline material very bright and bluish green color, which is exceptionally beautiful.

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